Renewable energy projects to the energy transition l B+K
Erneuerbare Energieprojekte - Nachhaltige Kundenprojekte


The use of green energy and the sustainable switch to renewable energy are trend-setting for all sectors of the economy. The demand for green energy is increasing and increasing. The background to this is, on the one hand, the enormous increase in demand for energy and, on the other, the desire to secure one’s own supply. Due to our well-founded consulting services, among others on the topics of green energy systems, energetic technology concepts or our pre-project phases for decentralized energy conversion, we experience an unrestrained demand on the part of companies to align their business energy-efficiently in the future. Due to our many years of project experience in the areas of CHP and CHP systems, we are naturally responding to this demand and would like to present some reference projects to you on this page.

Team-CHP-and-Renewable-Energy-l-BKTeam BHKW und Erneuerbare Energie l B+K

The main focus of our efforts of sustainable energy transition with renewable energies is the implementation of our core product – the realization of our combined heat and power plant (CHP) ClinX for all cross-sectoral areas (e.g. local heat supply, manufacturing industry, tourism industry or sawmills).

Learn how green energy systems of Prof. Dr. Berg und Kießling GmbH are successfully realized in various markets in successful cooperation with our worldwide network partners to improve the actual energy consumption through on-site power generation. We are committed to improve the efficiency of the national as well as global energy infrastructure and to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy and CHP customers l Reference customers map

Renewable Energy Projects in Germany

Biomasse BHKW Kunden in der Schweiz

Renewable Energy Projects in Switzerland

Erneuerbare Energie-Kunden in Indonesien

Renewable Energy Projects in Indonesia

Erneuerbare Energie-Kunden in Australien

Renewable Energy Projects in Australia

Above we present regional as well as national reference customers from the area of combined heat and power plant (CHP) ClinX – marked with the BLUE ICON – as well as reference customers from the area of renewable energy consulting – marked with the YELLOW ICON. Do you have any questions about the individual projects or would you like a detailed consultation in your company? Then we are always happy to hear from you!


CHP ClinX HEAT | Area: Waste disposal plant (tire pyrolysis) | Project location: Dillingen/Saar (Germany)

Pyrum Innovations AG is a waste management company specializing in the disposal of used tires. Pyrum Innovations AG is planning to expand an existing waste tire pyrolysis plant and to provide it with a secondary power supply for the resulting process gas. In the pyrolysis plant, the pyrolysis process produces three streams: pyrolysis gas, pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis coke. The gas fraction produced after pyrolysis is to be utilized energetically (post-electricity generation).

For more information on the renewable energy project at Pyrum, see the current blog post.

CHP ClinX WOOD | Area: Metal Construction | Project Location: Kolkwitz (Germany)

Our customer, a supra-regional metal construction specialist with headquarters in Kolkwitz (Lausitz) and approx. 60 employees, is committed to the sustainable operational conversion to renewable energies. The company plans to implement a technical solution for decentralized energy supply by means of CO2-neutral energy generation in a CHP process in order to, among other things, use its own energy sources, reduce procurement costs for fossil energies and thus, in perspective, build up its own self-sufficient supply security.

CHP ClinX HEAT | Area: Municipal Operation | Project Location: Darmstadt (Germany)

“New construction of a carbonization plant with peripheral facilities at the Darmstadt composting plant” is the project title of our customer, the local Eigenbetrieb für kommunale Aufgaben und Dienstleistungen with about 750 employees.

Furthermore, in the course of the modernization of the composting technology, an extended plant technology is planned with the aim of plant carbon production (biochar).

CHP ClinX HEAT | Area: Renewable Energies | Project Location: Gangkofen/Bavaria (Germany)

The goal is the implementation of a local heating network based on renewable energies. The local heating network is to serve the space and process heat supply on the basis of renewable energy source – a network of 100% renewable energy, no use of fossil fuels. Summary of the project:

  • A local heating network for space and process heat supply is to be built on the basis of renewable energy generation
  • Combination of different technologies for energy conversion from biomass
  • Grid feed-in of the regenerative electricity
  • The localization is in Gangkofen in the Lower Bavarian district Rottal-Inn (Gangkofen has approx. 6,400 inhabitants with increasing tendency)