The CHP solution for Hidden Fuels

Electricity, heat and cooling with ClinX

Professor Dr. Berg & Kießling GmbH (B+K) develops and produces decentralized CHP solutions to recover energy from solid waste.
The ClinX CHP system enables the economic energetic conversion of hidden fuels, i.e. solid fuels which, to date, have rarely been used to generate energy. This is where B+K comes in: for us, there is no waste, only sources of energy.

ClinX delivers the energetic transformation of any hidden fuels. With ClinX, B+K offers an innovative CHP solution for solids with an output of between 40-260 kW in electrical energy, while the thermal output corresponds to 150-1000 kW. Commercial and industrial customers can use ClinX to cover their electricity, heating, and cooling needs. The system is characterized by high fuel flexibility, high resource efficiency, and high-temperature heat extraction for subsequent processes. Contact us to learn more about the micro-turbine technology in ClinX.


Waste material recovery

ClinX can turn an enormous variety of solids such as wood chips, sawdust, and leftover wood with a high branch or bark content and moisture content from the lumber and landscaping industries into fuel.

Cost savings

ClinX is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to reduce energy costs over the long term and protect themselves from further increases in electricity prices. Learn more about how ClinX pays for itself.

Quality standards

The system design is based on the VDI and VDE guidelines, the German national guidelines on air and noise pollution (TA-Luft and TA-Lärm), national accident prevention regulations, and the EC Machinery Directive. It is certified and represents state-of-the-art technology.

No waste, only sources of energy.