Micro gas turbine with air-bearings

Heart of our CHP systems - also available as a single component.

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Centerpieces of our combined heat and power systems are micro gas turbines (MGT). The compact turbo units with innovative air bearings have the advantage that, in contrast to conventional systems, no lubricants and coolants are required. Since there is hardly any friction in the bearings during operation, the energy loss is reduced, the service life is increased and the maintenance intervals are increased. The innovative B+K ClinX system works with micro gas turbines from the american world market leader Capstone Green Energy.

The Capstone systems are compact, recuperated single-stage MGTs. Central to this is the turbo group, consisting of the compressor wheel, turbine wheel and connecting shaft. The turbo group is the only moving assembly of the MGT. Additionally, to the turbo group, the micro gas turbine consists out of a generator, power electronics and a control unit.  A high-performance generator is directly coupled to the connecting shaft for constant electrical energy conversion. It converts the mechanical energy generated by the turbine into electrical energy.


We are partner of microturbines world market leader Capstone Green Energy.

Capstone Green Energy

Recuperated, one-stage system

Characterized by a high degree of burnout with low exhaust emissions as well as an optimal integration into existing process applications

Innovative air-bearings

Micro gas turbines from B+K are characterized by passive foil slide bearings that enable operation without lubricants and coolants.


Operation without lubricants and coolants results in particularly low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Technological leadership

B+K is one of the global technology leaders in the field of micro gas turbine development.
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luftgelagerte Mikrogasturbinen
Power head Mikrogasturbine
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We are pioneers in the field of micro gas turbine technology. We use our expertise particularly in the following areas

Dimensioning and design

  • Performance calculation for turbo machinery (e.g. cycle process calculation)
  • Computer aided design / construction (CAD)
  • flow design
  • Analytical calculations
  • Numerical calculations (FEM, CFD)
  • AM-compliant component design (additive manufacturing)
  • Efficiency optimization

Process engineering and materials

  • Integration in plant concepts
  • fuel analyzes
  • Alloys for high temperature applications
  • Ceramic materials for turbo machinery
  • coating technology

Manufacturing, assembling and quality assurance

  • Component manufacturing (turned parts, sheet metal processing, welded constructions, rapid prototyping)
  • Thermal joining and heat treatments
  • Component surveying
  • Test bench development in the field of combustion technology, turbo machinery and special machine construction
  • Testing with multi-channel sensors and real-time evaluation options
Kompetenter Anlagenservice
Detailaufname Mikrogasturbine
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Kompetenter Anlagenservice
Detailaufname Mikrogasturbine
Mikrogasturbinen Details

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