Funded projects

As part of the ProFIT Brandenburg project “Development of an externally fired micro gas turbine system for decentralized energy conversion (EFGT)”, the first prototype system of the new energy conversion system based on micro gas turbines was created. The project is funded with a loan and a grant from the European Regional Development Fund and the Brandenburg State Investment Bank. The concept of the externally fired micro gas turbine enables the user to economically utilize material flows that have previously been insufficiently used, in order to cover the need for electricity and heating on site.

Since the project started in October 2016, in addition to the conceptual design of the plant and its design and construction, a network of regional and international suppliers and cooperation partners has been created. The cooperation with the Chair for Internal Combustion Engines and Aircraft Drives (VFA) at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg underlines the development character of the project.