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Comprehensive solutions from a single source, thanks to specialists from various fields.



Reliable across the board.

In project development, we operate along the entire value chain, from the empty sheet of paper to the final component.


Stronger as a team.

As part of an engineering network focused on ignition and combustion systems as well as micro gas turbines, we have competent partners at our side.

Blauer Balken

The Professor Dr. Berg & Kießling GmbH (B+K) was founded in 2012. Our strength is developing and manufacturing decentralized CHP systems that are based on a microgas turbine. ClinX is our integral system with an externally fired micro gas turbine. We pursue the goal to use even low energy potential efficiently and to enable environmentally neutral utilization of previously unused wooden materials. What is special about our systems is that even very heterogeneous wood wastes are converted locally into heat and electricity at the point of origin.

Our team consists out of various experts, among others from the fields of mechanical engineering, process engineering and environmental sciences. We are one of the technology leaders in the field of micro gas turbine development. Our extensive knowledge of the compartments and subsystems makes us a competent contact for CHP systems.

B+K Logo | Succeeding Energy Systems
Sebastian Kießling | Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Sebastian Kießling

Executive Partner

Prof. Dr. Peter Berg | Gesellschafter
Prof. Dr. Peter Berg


B + K acts as a company with limited liability in Berlin and Cottbus. The company was founded by Prof. Dr. Berg and Sebastian Kießling. Prof. Dr. Berg holds the chair for Internal Combustion Engines and Aircraft Drives at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU C-S). He is responsible for research at B+K.
Sebastian Kießling is responsible for the organizational areas of development, production and sales. As a co-founder of the B+K company network, he received the Roland Berger Founder’s Prize in 2011. Mr. Kießling continuously established the development department and was responsible for the successful development of the world’s first series burners for micro gas turbines, which are entirely based on selective laser melting technology.

Our mission

Solving environmental problems

We want to find innovative solutions to the increasingly complex environmental and resource problems.



Sustainability as foundation

We want to help people around the world to improve their living conditions.

Contribution to enegy transition

We want to support the energy transition with innovative solutions.


Regional creation of value

We want to strengthen Lusatia in its role as an energy region by presenting sustainable solutions.

Wir teilen die Ziele von Entrepreneurs for Future, mehr Klimaschutz in der Wirtschaft

For a future worth living

Climate change requires quick and comprehensive countermeasures – now! We share the goals of Entrepreneurs for Future regarding the implementation of more climate protection into the economy and the acceleration of energy transition. We are committed to a decentralized energy supply in which secondary fuels are also used effectively and in a resource-efficient manner.


For the region Lusatia

It is our concern that Lusatia will continue to be perceived as an innovative, prosperous energy region.

The energy region Lusatia is changing. There are numerous initiatives to maintain Lusatia as an energy region even after the coal phase-out. We also see ourselves as an actor in this network.

As a young company that develops future-oriented technologies, we enjoy supportive conditions in Cottbus since many years. The technology and innovation center on the former airfield in Cottbus offers us enough space, good infrastructure and a proximity to the university. Numerous institutions are available to support us, such as the Wirtschaftsinitiative Lausitz e.V., the economic development of Brandenburg (WFBB), the Cluster of power engineering in Berlin-Brandenburg and the BTU C-S. We benefit from the expertise in this region and many of our employees studied at the BTU.

As a company, we are firmly established in Lusatia and would like to make our contribution to ensuring that this region will continue to be perceived as an innovative and prosperous energy region in the future. Together with our partners we develop innovative solutions for existing problems. We offer our employees, most of whom live in Cottbus and the surrounding area, nearby employment and a cooperative working environment.

Lausitzer Seenland


Sport-Dojo Berlin e.V.

Here all energy reserves are released

The judo sport games are a highlight for the athletes of the judo club Dojo-Sport Berlin e.V. The judo safari involves an athletic,  a creative and a judo part. In all of these areas the children can demonstrate their versatility. The sporting event is framed by a club festival, which was supported by a donation from B+K.

We warmly congratulate all athletes on their medals at the judo tournament and their awards at the judo safari.

Dezentrales KWK-System ClinX

Decentralized CHP system for converting residual materials into heat and electricity


Luftgelagerte Mikrogasturbine
Heart of our systems

With air-bearings for an operation without lubricants or coolants. More about our technology and skills

Driving innovation

Our technology development is partially supported with public grants